Mi sem szeretjük, ha a kiírt áron nem rendelhető a bútor. Ezért termékeink árát lekérés alapján naprakészen küldjük el. Kérjük ehhez tegyék az ajánlatkérő lapra és küldjék el ajánlatkérésüket!

B-302 concept is a new bookcase whihc fits the home and office settings. B-302 is characterized by great versatility which makes it adaptable to all types of wall offering the possibility to choose the wished width.

B-302 is entirely made of metal that guarantees long life and the epoxy powder paintings guarantee the same colour scheme through the years ( 6 colours available).

The modular structure, consisting of 3 different pieces, can be adapted to any width, it can also have suspended modules in order to create an empy space for housing, for example, a television.

500A 57x22x35
500B 35x22x35
500C 35x35x35

B-302 in the 35 cm depth version is self-supporting up to 140 cm height, whereas in the 40 cm depth version remains self-supporting up to 180 cm.